Importance of bullying 

Even at the age of 15 you can get bullied by your peers. My hand shook as I lifted my phone from my desk. The vibration caught my attention and at that very moment my hands were locked onto the hard shell case. We were inseparable for a moment. I could feel a burning sensation moves from my stomach upwards as my eyes caught the words “ugly”, “dumb”, “gay” and “desperate”. 

From that moment my whole life changed. I began to wear make up. I started to follow the crowd and laugh at the jokes I wouldn’t normally laugh at. I even set my screen saver on my mobile phone to a provocative image of an unknown male model. All that just to convince and hide the fact I was lesbian.

In the space of 2 years I went through multiple phases all because I was labelled “gay” and “desperate”. But after you go through these phases you realise you will always be you. No matter what people say. No one can change the fact you are bisexual or gay or trans. Forcing your son to wear blue will not make him straight. Buying your daughter a baby doll does not make her want babies and does not change her wants and needs in future life. 

We are all given a plan. As I mentioned in a previous post. Our lives have lived and have been practised. We are set to be someone and no one can change us. Gay people are not “mentally ill” they are humans with a different desire to you. That does not make them a different human all together. Everyone is different. You choose who you want to be and what you want people to think of you. 


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