Opening to my blog

The purpose of life is to reproduce? Spread love? Showcase your inventions? You choose your purpose. What do you want your life to be about? I don’t know why I was created. Maybe I was an experiment. I don’t know. But my aim in life is to watch people grow, learn off them and then grow myself.

We are all surrounded by gods plans, we are also a part of gods plan. This doesn’t mean we should follow it. We are the roots of this world which means the world stems from us. There are rose plants with thorns that sit and look appealingly criminalising but beautiful. There are also rose plants so delicate and dainty but intoxicating. Sometimes there is no in between. Thats when you question yourself. This world is either too sweet or too sour. You choose whether you want to be categorised. I certainly don’t.

Our aims in life impact those around us and by you reading this it has an impact on you. I hope you stay with me along this journey. Full of adventures and bitter times.

I will be sharing with you my thoughts of society, reviews on skin care, my thoughts on feminism and most importantly events I believe deserve more recognition. Of course other topics will be of mention these are just a few at the top of my head. If you wish for me to post something of your interest, maybe a review or my views on a certain subject. You could even give me a research task and I wish to fill your request. Comment down below.

I wish to use this blog as a place I can use to escape. Escape from this bad world and all the negatives that surround us in life. I hope you can also read my blog and escape with me.


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